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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use ShuttleExcellence to get to or from the airport?
Shuttles are the easiest and cheapest transport option. We come to your door, pick you up and take you to your destination via the fastest possible route.

2. Is ShuttleExcellence service door to door?
Yes we are, we come directly to your pick up point (home, hotel, working place, etc).

3. Can I book ShuttleExcellence at any time to take me to my destination?
Yes we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Is ShuttleExcellence scheduled transport?
No, we provide on demand service.

5. Do I have to book my transfer?
Yes, to avoid problems we recommended you book ShuttleExcellence a day before if possible.
We accept bookings up to two hours in advance, in the Auckland area.

6. What does “Shared ride” and “Exclusive” mean?
Very often our passengers travel from a common area to a mutual destination (airport), so they can share the same vehicle, allowing for lower prices (usually half the price of a taxi). You can also book an Exclusive ride and not share your shuttle with anyone else, which is a convenient option for bigger groups or passengers with a lot of luggage.

7. Do I have to pay for my luggage?
Price includes up to 2 pieces of standard luggage per person. Extra luggage will be charged $5.00 a piece.

         8. Where can I find a shuttle at the airport?
We will wait for you at the terminal you arrive in. This is usually at the baggage carousel in the domestic terminal or at the meet & greet desk by Arrivals in the international terminal.

9. How many passengers can a ShuttleExcellence carry?
We can carry a maximum of 11 passengers per vehicle plus their luggage.

10. Can ShuttleExcellence carry my surf board?
Yes, we can put it inside a trailer or otherwise fasten it to the roof of the trailer. There is a small additional charge of $6.00 per item. Just let us know when you are making your booking.

11. Why does ShuttleExcellence tow a trailer?
This enables us to carry a lot of luggage (cases, boxes, bikes, boards, skis and other oversized baggage) and leaves space in the vehicle for passengers only.

12. Can I change or cancel my booking?
Yes, simply give us a call on
021 857696 or 0800 822 000.

13. How much time should I allow for a trip to the airport?
We will advise you when you make your booking, depending on traffic and distance, but a rule of thumb is 2 h for domestic flights and 3 h for international flights. You can also pick an earlier time if you wish to avoid rush hour or to allow for shopping time at the airport.

14. What about child seats?
Shuttle Excellence vehicles all have seat belts and we recommended you bring your child’s car seat with you. We are able to store it until your return trip.

15. Can I take my pets (dogs, cats) onboard ShuttleExcellence?
Yes, you have two options. If you wish to travel with your pet in a vehicle you must pay Exclusive ride, or your pet can travel in its cage in a trailer for the share ride price. Exceptions are made for guide dogs that can travel in a vehicle for the share ride price.


Credit Cards

Taxi vouchers

On Account

All fares will be paid to shuttle driver
For credit cards and taxi vouchers applies extra charge 5%



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